Business process outsourcing (BPO) has become an important transformational tool for firms looking to sharpen their competitive advantage.

Polo’s Business Process Outsourcing Services allow companies to focus on the essential part of their business, assigning organizational and back-office roles.

The benefits include lower operating expenses, flexibility and scalability of support resources, process standardization and transparency, and the implementation of continuous development, benchmarking and data analytics gears to further expand processes and provide tactical corporate visions.

Polo professionals have all-embracing experience and skills in the areas of shared services and outsourcing.

Polo offers all-inclusive BPO services across numerous corporate functions and processes including but not limited to:

  • General administration
  • Communications
  • Data processing (data entry & data management)
  • Surveys
  • Documents handling / Correspondence
  • Drafting trade finance instruments (dlc/sblc/guarantee, etc.)
  • Professional review / check of the trade finance instruments (dlc/sblc/guarantee) proposed for possible issuance by banks / FI 
  • Preparing documents for submission under the issued trade finance instruments (dlc/sblc/guarantee)
  • Examination of the documents / claims submitted under issued trade finance instruments
  • Payment processing:
  1. Settlement under issued trade finance instruments
  2. Collection under icc uniform rules for collection, publication no. 522
  • Training 
  • Network
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